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This is one of those businesses that many people would wish they had paid attention too. But at the time when opportunity knocked, they listened to their inner voice or people surrounding them.

I was one until my kind Referrer, dragged me by the ear to watch the presentation, read the blog post and become a founder. It is extremely limited as time is closing on in us with launching approaches.

I do not really have words to describe this business all I understand is that it better than any current technology or business we have seen and I know a lot of people are going to very happy for participating in the founders’ opportunity.

This business has the vision to become bigger and better as all of the known companies in our time, with the exception it is going to create income for ordinary people like us. Ash Mufareh creator of OnPassive believes those that use the platform should get rewarded.

OnPassive compares too…

  • Microsoft – 1972 – Bill Gates Multinational technology company
  • Apple.inc – 1976 – Steve Jobs – Multinational technology company, consumer electronics
  • Amazon 1994 Jeff Bezos Multinational technology company, digital streaming and artificial intelligence
  • Facebook – 2003 – Mark Zuckerberg – Multinational technology company and social Networking

I had to search to get all the names some I know from working online some I don’t but I sure wished I was there to invest and envision how my life would have looked like. But we are talking about something totally different here in every aspect.

This company uses words such as disruptive. Yea some of the companies I mentioned started small in a garage. None of the companies about as far as I know or could found out had gathered thousands of founders before launching and none are sharing it Billions of dollars with people like us all around the world.

I know, I know we all hear and utter the word if it sounds too good to be true it probably is too good to be true. But there is no doubt that we have missed large opportunity with these few words of scepticism

What is the deal?

At present simply become a founder and tell any and everyone to go over the material and become founders while the door is still open.

The cost is $97.00 – these funds are not used to build the business. It will be used towards advertising your business.

At Launch, you will have the opportunity to become an affiliate with 4 different entry levels. Level 2 Cost only $150 it, will be the most beneficial as it will indicate you are serious about the business and the company will start driving traffic to your business.

That said affiliates that can only afford to enter at the first level will also succeed it will just take longer.

  • Level 1 – $25
  • Level 2 – $125
  • Level 3 – $250
  • Level 4 – $500
  • To enter in all the levels cost $900.00

I have not seen many businesses that your cost is $900.00 with unlimited success and income within a reasonable time.

This business is not just online it has offices in different countries with more than 200 people working for us. All highly qualified people in their specific area.

I trust you enjoyed this post and hope that you will take the time to browse on the GoFounders, OnPassive sites and learn about this wonderful opportunity that already has a large impact on many peoples lives around the world.

Click here for a limited invitation

On Passive

Do not hesitate to contact me or just get in as founder and learn there is so much information to set your mind at ease and your heart on fire.

Karin – Every day contains at least one small miracle

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