Must have Tools – C Cleaner

Speed up & Optimize your PC now with CCleaner

Working nearly fulltime on the internet on an all laptop I am using this tool at least 3 to 4 times a day.

The Free Version

  • Frees up space
  • Clean your track Record
  • Help you to manage to
  • Let your machine run faster

C Cleaner has 3 premium yearly upgrades that increase the functionalities of the software and includes more computers.

  • Standard Privacy protection
  • Standard cleaning
  • Update apps to reduce security risks
  • Complete cleaning
  • Keeps your browsing history private
  • Detects and removes internet trackers
  • Keeps you from running out of space
  • Instant product updates
  • Priority customer support

I would not have been able to work online if it has not been for C Cleaner. Ever so often the laptop seems just to go in slow mode. I just click on the C Cleaner shortcut on my desktop.

  • Step one run Analyzer – this just to check if you do not delete something you might still need.
  • Step Two-run Cleaner

This process is so quick that I cannot make and drink a cup in coffee in the processing time. It might take longer if you do not do it every day.

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Sure hope you will find this post helpful.

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